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Perth Biodiversity Project


Project Status.


The Perth Biodiversity Project concluded during 2014.  This important Project (see below for desescription and links) has been summarised in the publication: Celebrating thirteen years of Action for Biodiversity.  A download of the summary is available here.


dia_0004Project Description.


This project provides support for Local Government to better manage local  bush and wetlands and, importantly, to be able to coordinate biodiversity conservation efforts across administrative boundaries. This support is provided through services and programs and production of decision support tools, most available through the Perth Biodiversity Project website:PBP Homepage.

One such program is the Perth Region Plant Biodiversity Project (PRPBP). The PRPBP aims to build on the extensive knowledge base of plant biodiversity information that already exists for the Perth region, particularly on the Swan Coastal Plain and metropolitan Jarrah Forest areas. The Project has collected a wealth of area-specific information that currently exists, and has collated and interpreted the data. This information is available to local Government and other stakeholders, including Friend Groups to assist in understanding, protecting and managing Perth's unique biodiversity.

Phase one of the Project, a collaboration between the Western Australian Local Government Association’s Perth Biodiversity Project, the Department of  Environment  and the Department of Conservation and Land Management, identified 40 Bush Forever Reference Sites on the Swan Coastal Plain portion of the Perth Metropolitan Region, including numerous photo reference points documenting the variety of plant communities represented within these Reference Sites.

Phase two of the PRPBP, a collaboration between the Western Australian Local Government Association’s Perth Biodiversity Project and the Department of Environment and Conservation, identified 11 Reference sites within the Jarrah forest portion of the Perth Metropolitan Region.

A guide on how to look for information relevant to your area of interest as well as site specific information for each Bush Forever Reference Site and photo reference point is available through the Perth Biodiversity Project database.