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Hands Off Point Peron


Note - This page is no longer being updated, and is retained here for reference purposes.  You can continue to follow developments on the Community Campaign website - 'Hands off Point Peron'.



Preserve Point Peron Inc. and Hands Off Point Peron groups need your support!

seagrass point peron2Following the EPA recommendation to the Environment Minister Albert Jacob that the Mangles Bay Marina be granted conditional approval, UBC  lodged a comprehensive Appeal to the Office of the Appeals Convenor rebutting a great deal of the Proponent's statements to the EPA and the EPA's responses.  view our Appeal here.

The proponent for the project, Cedar Woods (aka Cranford Pty Ltd), prepared several documents for the EPA attempting to refute the many public submissions during the Public Environmental Review process.  

The UBC Appeal references many inconsistencies and errors in these documents.

Unsurprisingly these documents have since been removed from the Mangles Bay Marina website, however we have made them available below for public scrutiny.  They are:

 Detailed Response to Matters Raised in Submissions on Mangles Bay PER

 Response to Key Marine and Groundwater Issues Raised in Submissions

 Additional Response to Lake Richmond and Groundwater Issues 

 The UBC has a further ground of appeal against the EPA report to the Environment Minister.  This appeal relates to our serious concerns regarding the modelling of suspended sediment from dredging the marina. 

 Dredge Plume Modelling Concerns


Public comments welcomed to guide management of Cockburn Sound.


The Environmental Protection Authority has urged the public to contribute their views during its review of the environmental management of Cockburn Sound.

EPA Chairman Paul Vogel said he encouraged the public and interested groups to take part in the review of the 2005 State Environmental Policy (SEP), which guides the environmental management of the Sound, 20km south of Perth.

“Cockburn Sound is the most intensively used marine embayment in Western Australia,’ 

“This area is highly valued by the community for its ecological and recreational attributes."

The public comment period on the Draft State Environmental Policy is an opportunity to put forward views in response to the proposed changes to the existing policy.

Public comments close January 24, 2014.


Campaign Summary

For further information on this campaign, check out the following links and follow the timeline.

Check out the HOPP website .

Download the UBC submission here. 

Download the Wildflower Society's submission here.



5 April 2012: The Conservation Council of WA (CCWA) joined with local conservationists, campers, recreational anglers, boaters and ordinary families in expressing its opposition to the proposed Mangles Bay marina development in Point Peron near Rockingham. 

Representatives from the Urban Bushland Council, Preserve Point Peron and Hands off Point Peron also joined CCWA in calling on both the State Government and the Commonwealth Government to exercise their rights to knock back this destructive, unpopular and unnecessary proposal in the Pt Peron Bush Forever site. Read more...


31 March 2012: Submission writing workshop. 

At first glance there are major eight issues:

  1. Loss of public access to Mangles Beach and the Bush Forever site
  2. Privatisation of much of Cape Peron
  3. Risk to the Thrombolites in Lake Richmond through changes in water level and quality
  4. Risk to seagrass in Cockburn Sound through dredging
  5. Loss of 33.5 ha of Bush Forever site compromising wildlife on the whole Cape by cutting the bush corridor
  6. Risk to groundwater up to 1km away
  7. On-going costs of dredging, cleaning polluted water, storm damage, insurances.
  8. What is the justification for such a radical project in the first place and especially now that Port Rockingham looks like going ahead ?


14 March 2012: The public launch of the community vision for "Cape Peron Coastal Park" was held on Wednesday March 14th 2012 at 7 pm at the Naragebup Environment Centre, 49 Safety Bay Road, Rockingham.  A 3 dimensional model for Cape Peron  was on display.  Read more...



 2-p1120266Bush Forever site 355 at Cape Peron, Rockingham close to the iconic Lake Richmond, remains under threat from a proposed inland canal/marina development and 2012 is crunch time in the struggle to save it.
The costs of the 79 hectare project are great. 

Much of the Bush Forever site will become marina and canal-side residences. Over 30 hectares of coastal bush including stands of tuart and melaleuca and habitat of the graceful sun moth will be lost.  Mangles Bay Beach will be cut in half by a 50 metre wide entry and groynes. 

At least six hectares of seagrass in Mangles Bay will be lost for a deep keel channel and groynes. 

Public access will be lost or severely restricted to unknown amounts of the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park. 

The specific details can be found in the Public Environment Review published on 13 February 2012.

As well as canal-side residences, the proposal envisages a marina with 500 boat pens, sites only for two local boating clubs, a Marine Studies Centre, RSL clubrooms, a hotel and chandlery and restaurants.


Under the impact of public protest and the threat of Commonwealth veto through the EPBC Act, each revision of the proposal has seen the distance from Lake Richmond increased and the size of the marina basin decreased. 

Developer's sensitivity to public criticism has seen the name of the project changed from Cape Peron to Mangles Bay Marina Based Tourist Precinct even though none of the project except the entry channel is in Mangles Bay and even though selling off of Crown land appears the main motive.

However major questions still remain including :

  • Loss of seagrass in Cockburn Sound where already over 80% of seagrass has been destroyed since the 1950s and the remaining seagrass needs protective action even before the impact of four major development projects in the bottom half of the Sound - the new container port (definite), James Point Port (possible), Port Rockingham (possible) and this canal-marina. (See CSMC State of the Sound Report 2010.)  The economic impacts of further seagrass loss on lobster, crab, snapper and whiting stocks have not been quantified.

  • Risk to the TECS in Lake Richmond, thromobolites and sedges, by changes in water level and quality from 18 months of dewatering and the penetration of salt water through the porous Karst limestone, not to mention the risk to groundwater up to 1 km away from the site affecting the suburbs of Shoalwater and Palm Beach as well as the remaining bush

  • Dangers of uncovering acid sulphate soils in an area known to be at high risk.

  • Operational issues once the marina is completed including eutrophication of water in the single entry marina, silting up of channels and the impacts of sea/surge level rise and who pays for remedying these.

  • Questionable need for expensive and compromised housing lots and the justification for a marina in the first place.  The EPA has already approved a 487 pen marina called Port Rockingham Marina that is a real marina, in the sea.

  • Public mental health issues for the residents of the City of Rockingham whose population is scheduled to increase by 50,000 in the next thirty years.


There are good alternatives. 

DEC has a Management Plan already approved and Preserve Point Peron Inc. is exploring people- and habitat-friendly alternatives.

After five years of preparatory work Preserve Point Peron Inc. (PPP founded by Bob Goodale and Nick Dunlop) and Hands of Point Peron (HOPP founded by Dawn Jecks) are planning a further campaign to coincide with the public comment period of the PER (mid Feb to end April).  


 Please commit whatever you can to any or all of the following :

  • Complete a page of the petition on the Hands off Point Peron website and send it in.  We'd like another 5,000 signatures.

  • Prepare a non-expert individual submission to the EPA when the PER comes out using your own words to say why you think the EPA should deny approval.  We'd like to see a state record number of submissions.

  • Enlist sympathetic experts you know, particularly geologists, oceanographers, hydrologists, environmental scientists, for preparing expert submissions and put them in touch with PPP.

  • Write to local papers, the West, your local Liberal MP, Colin Barnett, John Day, Bill Marmion and/or Phil Edman raising topical questions like the smell in Port Geographe, silting of Yunderup canals, lack of sales for Port Coogee, difficulties getting flood/surge insurance in coastal areas, and the fact that in NSW and Victoria (and soon Tasmania) such developments are banned.

  • Donate to Preserve Point Peron Inc. We urgently need $10,000 to fund expert research into design, environmental offsets and mitigation.   Details soon.

James Mumme, Preserve Point Peron Inc jgmumme@live.com.au; 9527 5339

Visit the Campaign

The Proponent

Cedar Woods would like to Destroy just 'another bit' of our Remaining Urban Bushland.