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Save Underwood Avenue Bushland






To save Underwood Avenue Bushland forever, as a special place and a critical link between Kings Park and Bold Park.



• Underwood Avenue Bushland is a critical link between Bold Park to the west and Kings Park to the south-east and it is comparatively large (33.4ha).

• The factors linkage, size, and variety of vegetation communities are key to the diversity in the bushland.

• The vegetation complex is Karrakatta Central and South. This vegetation complex has been extensively cleared until now, only 2.47% is formally protected.

dsc 7746288 vascular plant species are listed, 51 bird species, 17 reptile species, 3 amphibian species. Not listed are innumerable invertebrates and fungi. As for mammals the Brushtail Possum is present and bats, (no survey done) as well as foxes.

Jarrah, Tuart and Banksia woodlands: ‘The Jarrah woodland is some of the best in the Perth Metropolitan Area….. ‘ (Arthur Weston botanist). The trees form a dense canopy. Banksia woodlands are ancient and irreplaceable. The important stand of Banksia prionotes will be destroyed if the UWA proposal proceeds. ‘Banksia prionotes is a very, very important source of food for Carnaby’s cockatoos, which use the flowers, seeds in the cones and grubs from the cones.’ John Dell, zoologist. There is no area of similar size in the Perth Metropolitan Region. Department of Environmental Protection.

Carnaby’s Cockatoo – threatened with extinction, they need food.

‘……..Regardless, of the caveats, the site provides a significant food source in a strategic location.’ (FOI e-mail advice within the DEC). Underwood Avenue Bushland is critical habitat for Carnaby’s Cockatoos. The major Carnaby’s roost site is 400m to the west of the bushland. Up to 600 Carnaby’s Cockatoos fly into Underwood to feed.

Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo - also threatened with extinction, they need food.
When the Jarrah has seed, the red-tails fly into Underwood Avenue Bushland every day to eat. A pair has been seen and photographed mating in Underwood Avenue Bushland.

Small birds
The Department of Parks and Wildlife is moving towards the listing of small scrub perching birds. These small birds are disappearing from urban areas and are dependent on bushland.

Raptors live in or visit the bushland and some species breed there. Enter the bushland at your peril when the Goshawks are nesting.

Noongar people want the whole bushland protected as a place of spiritual and cultural significance. The people lived in the bushland right up until the 1950s.

dsc 9060The UWA housing estate for Underwood Avenue bushland has been approved by the state government. (Barnett Government July 2010). All that stands to protect the bushland now is the Federal Department of the Environment and the EPBC Act. The UWA proposal still has to be referred to the Federal Government because of ‘the impacts on threatened species and communities.’ The proposal has already been referred twice by UWA -2004 and 2007.

In 2007 the Federal recommendation was:

“That approval not be given for the proposal by the University of Western Australia to develop the eastern portion of Lot 4 Underwood Avenue, Shenton Park, WA for residential purposes under the EPBC Act 1999.”
This draft recommendation would have gone to Minister Garrett but the University withdrew the proposal the next day. We call on the University of Western Australia to donate the bushland to the state or to seek some other solution (land swap, concession for building a university in the Pilbara) so the bushland can be protected.

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