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Stop The Boardwalk

Campaign Success

You did it!

Thanks to all of the community who worked so hard – writing submissions, sending emails, liking our page and letting your local Councillors know about it – resulting in the resounding DEFEAT of the ‘boardwalk’ proposal! Well done, people of Stirling – your voice was heard and this fragile dune system has been saved! 

Thank You

Special thanks to the great majority of Councillors who listened to you and MADE IT HAPPEN by knocking the project completely on the head.

We have so many others to thank… especially the boffins who provided expert opinions and the people – many of whom we don’t even know – who showed up to ask questions of Council.

We will be thanking so many individuals and groups… and will share with you the kudos (and a few brickbats) as soon as the dust settles… in the meantime… CELEBRATE !

 Congratulations to all that supported the now successful campaign to protect the South Trigg Beach Class A Reserve Bush Forever dune reserve from an ugly and environmentally damaging aluminium boardwalk - forever!

 There will be a celebration soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook page and webpage for up to date news on the South Trigg Beach Reserve:

 City of Stirling proposes environmentally damaging coastal boardwalk

March 2013:

Your voice is urgently needed to oppose the building of the ‘boardwalk' through the coastal dune reserve between Scarborough and Trigg. The City of Stirling has commenced a period of public consultation which finishes on 22 April 2013.

A 'boardwalk' would be an eyesore, spoil the uninterrupted views of the sand dunes and ocean, and introduce unwanted development to the area. It would also introduce litter, weeds and erosion as well as vandalism and fire risk to the dunes. It would cause irreversible damage to the environment of this Class A Bush Forever coastal dune reserve.

model for trigg boardwalkDespite a similar proposal being soundly defeated in 2005, the City of Stirling has now released for public comment, its plans to build a 800m long aluminium boardwalk and concrete path through the South Trigg Beach Class A Reserve Bush Forever Site 308. The proposed boardwalk features seven lookouts and would link the northern car park at Scarborough Beach and the southern car park at Trigg Beach.

The boardwalk is unnecessary as there re is already access between the two beaches via a shared pathway and along the beach.

The boardwalk would be built between primary and secondary dunes, fragmenting this fragile, unique, intact Quindalup dune foreshore. The disturbance to flora and fauna during construction, and the introduction of weeds and litter into the reserve would have an immediate and continuing adverse impact.

proposed boardwalk start point june 2012The coastal reserve is a relatively narrow strip (around 120m wide) from the beach to the shared path along West Coast Highway.  It features vegetated primary and mobile dunes in a typical pattern of shore parallel dune ridges which have formed into knoll and depression landform. It is integral to the larger Bush Forever Site 308 – Trigg Bushland, providing a rare example of successional vegetation development from the beach through mobile and sand dune systems to mature Tuart Woodlands as far east as Karrinyup.

This regionally significant coastal reserve is vested in the City of Stirling, which has responsibility for its care and protection. Instead, the land manager is proposing its destruction. No environment assessment has been carried out in the planning stage and the City has ignored its own Natural Areas department which strongly recommended against a boardwalk in 2005.

perth aug-sept 2011 001There is a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda here, which is the City of Stirling’s determination to develop the coastline linking the metropolitan area’s two most popular beaches, Scarborough and Trigg, for commercial and tourism purposes.

The State Government has already committed $30m towards developing Scarborough Beach and something called the Trigg Beach Master Plan lays dormant, awaiting revival. There is no doubt the City considers the destruction of the South Trigg Beach Reserve as a small price to pay for economic development of this coastline.

Stop the Boardwalk Action Group

 The City has made it clear that it is a “numbers game” and that if the majority of public comments support the boardwalk, it will go ahead. So it is critical that as many people as possible send objections to the construction of the boardwalk through the South Trigg Beach Reserve.

Please send your comments to the City of Stirling stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au or write to them at 25 Cedric St, Stirling 6021 or fax 9345 8822 by 22 April 2013. Please note that submission you do not have to live in the City of Stirling to have your say.

To keep up with the campaign, check out the Stop the Boardwalk Action Group's Facebook page.

Issues List here

Draft submission form here

View UBC's submission here

For more information have a look at the Stop the Boardwalk Action Group website or contact us at stoptheboardwalk@gmail.com.

Robyn Murphy
Stop the Boardwalk Action Group