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Perth's Amazing Banksias


Biodiversity Page.

Banksia woodlands are highly important, diverse, species-rich environments. They have declined substantially and face serious threat.

There is an urgent need to understand the diversity, venerability and vulnerability of Banksia woodlands and their remarkable biota.

There is also a need to achieve substantial change in policy and management if we are to make a difference to Banksia woodland conservation and management.

Perth is the only city in the world set in a natural landscape dominated by Banksia woodlands. 

Whilst the landscape relief and tree profile is subtle, these woodland communities are highly biodiverse, especially in understorey and herb layer. 


Indeed the Perth region is a hotspot of plant species diversity within the globally recognised south-west biodiversity hotspot for conservation priority. It is under threat.  Yet Perth's Banksia woodlands are so little known and appreciated.

Please visit our Banksia Woodlands page for much more information.