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Cockies under Threat

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Great Cocky Count 2017 released; Cockie Numbers Way Down! 

There is considerable community concern about the decline in populations of Black Cockatoos and the continuing loss of their habitat due to clearing of native vegetation in the Perth region and the south west of Western Australia.

This decline is continuing despite the listing of the three species of cockatoos – Carnaby’s, Baudin’s and the Forest Red-tailed Black – as endangered or vulnerable. The State Government is sitting on its hands while the cockies slowly disappear from our skies.

Over the past nine years researchers at the Western Australian Museum with support from the Water Corporation, Western Power, the Tourist Commission and a number of State and Local Government departments, community groups, volunteers and the general public have carried out important research into the breeding biology of Baudin’s Cockatoo, Carnaby’s Cockatoo  and the Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. All of these cockatoos are endemic to the south-west corner of Western Australia and all have declined greatly over the past 50 years.

The current conservation status of Carnaby’s Cockatoo is that it is listed as Endangered, and Baudin’s Cockatoo and the Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo are listed as Vulnerable, with these latter urgently requiring their status to be 'upgraded' to endangered.

Current Threats

The future survival of these cockatoos is of great concern. The impacts of climate change, alterations in the landscape,changing forest structure and the expansion of some native and exotic species that are competing with cockatoos are all having an adverse affect on cockatoo populations. Declining rainfall, for example, has already altered the foraging behaviour, distribution and, in some areas, migration patterns of cockatoos and will no doubt also influence breeding success.

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