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Educational Links


Field of Mars – NSW environmental education site provides excellent resources in their download section for both primary and secondary teachers.  Without too much effort the resources could be tailored to suit local sites.  Plenty of simple indoor and outdoor activities.

Landlearn – Victorian site environmental education site.  Has an extensive range of ready to use curriculum activities complete with useful, ready to go worksheets to support environmental and agricultural science lessons with a focus on sustainability issues.  Also available at site are fact sheets and booklets covering areas such as Climate change and Future Food and Bushfoods and Biodiversity.

Victorian Museum link has useful Environmental Education kits to download for both primary and secondary classes.  Some of the kits are designed for use in conjunction with a visit to the museum, but others such as Biodiversity Snapshots and Drawing on Nature, which focuses on activities and techniques for creating artworks based on plants and animals, are stand alone kits.

Australian Government – Department of Sustainability, Environment, People and Communities.

Hot Rock
We want to introduce new and engaging ways of teaching and learning about sustainability.  At the same time we want to make it easy as possible for you to do.  Thats why we've developed a series of modules which you can download for free from this section of the site.HotRock lessons are based on enquiry learning, where students ask questions about the world around them, understand how it works, engage with problems and help find solutions. Students take an active rather than passive approach to learning, investigation questions that are engaging and relevant to their lives, allowing them to develop into responsible and active citizens who can take on a leadership role in sustainability.Our lessons  incorporate a range of teaching activities, use up to date resources and make use of new technology.  Each lesson features a lesson plan and the all the resources you will need to teach that lesson e.g worksheets, PowerPoints, computer activities, information sheets etc.  These are all editable by you, so you can adapt them to the specific needs of your classes.

Botanic Gardens and Parks - Western Australian site with a range of programs and resources to help students connect with the outdoors.

'Weed Warriors' is a national program for students that provides participants the opportunity to learn about invasive pest plants. Through a program of interactive learning and hands-on experience, in partnership with government and the community, Weed Warriors promotes awareness local weed issues.

'Weeds Attack!' is a web-based, multimedia resource with interactive learning activities aimed at preparing students to investigate a local weed of national significance. This is a hands-on project based on the Weed Warriors program. The resource models the activity of growing a biocontrol for bitou bush, using a games-based approach and extensive use of video. The resource is suitable for individual or group learning, homework, whole class discussions, demonstrations or investigations. It is based on the Stage 3 Science and Technology syllabus, but is also useful for Stage 4 Science and Stage 6 Earth and Environmental Science: Introduced species.

Friends of the environment – JohnathonThwaites at UWA has developed a number of resources to teach environmental sustainability in classroom and a number of good links provided here for teachers.  

Ribbons of Blue  - Ribbons of Blue aims to provide teachers and their students with practical, hands-on learning experiences focusing on the sustainability of local waterways, wetlands and their ecosystems.