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 Bush Forever Report Card 

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Proceedings of a one-day Conference exploring Bush Forever, the WA Government’s commitment to its implementation and site management issues.  December 2012.

ISBN 978-0-646-59379-1

For a hardcopy: Mailorder $25 Hardcopy plus $3 Postage  

Download a copy here.



Birthday Calendar

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Depicting wildlife treasures in Perth's bushland. Perpetual calendar for writing birthdays & other important dates. Available by mail order $12 (inc postage)









Perth Urban Bushland Fungi project


Survey reports on bushland sites from 2004 to 2010. Available for download at web site: www.fungiperth.org.au.

A self-managed Field Book is also available for download from the site.







Endangered Black Cockatoo Symposium

black cockatoo proceedings front cover-1

Proceedings of a Symposium on their threats and their future. Nov 2010.

ISBN 978-0-646-55063-3

Hardcopies are no longer available.

Download a copy of Endangered Black Cockatoos Proceedings here.






Perth Banksia Woodlands Symposium

banksia symposium proceedings front cover

Proceedings of a Symposium on Woodland threats and ecology. March 2011.

Download a free copy of Perth Banksia Woodlands Proceedings now.

ISBN 978-0-646-55817-2 

For a hardcopy: Mailorder $20 Hardcopy plus $3 Postage

Download a copy of Banksia Symposium Proceedings now. 




Managing our Bushland

managing our bushland front cover

Proceedings of a Conference about the protection and management of urban bushland (2002). Available by mail order hardcopy only







Burning our Bushland

Proceedings; conference fire and urban bushland 25-26 August 1995.
Out of print; available in libraries.

Burning Issues 

Burning Issues; Proceedings; workshop on fire management in urban bushland 8 November 2002.

Building Partnerships Between Community Groups and Local Government.

Proceedings of a seminar 26 August 2000  Building Partnerships Between Community Groups and Local Government for Our Bushland