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Submissions and Appeals




8 June 2017 - APPEAL ON EPA REPORT 1597 FOR ASSESSMENT 2111  Perth Groundwater Replenishment Scheme Stage 2 Proponent: Water Corporation.

1 May 2017 - Submission re: Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan (GGP): Comments on: Draft Action Plan E: Harvesting of pines and post harvesting land use.

9 Apr 2017 - Submission re: Perth Airport Master Plan 2014 Preliminary Draft Minor Variation.

4 Mar 2017 - Submission: Regarding an Application for a permit to clear Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain ecological community for the development of the Living Stream Project, Perth Airport, Western Australia (E2017-0128).

21 Feb 2017 - Submission: Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1270/41 - Ocean Reef Marina Redevelopment. 

19 Feb 2017 - Submission - Garden Street road extension Huntingdale: EPBC Act reference 2016/7735Controlled Action: Preliminary Documentation level of assessment.


24 Jan 2017 - Submission – Major Land Transaction, Lease of Portion of Tompkins Park; Proposed Wavepark.



15 Dec2016 - Submission - Perth Airport Permit Direct Factory Outlet. 

12 Dec 2016 - Submission on Structure Plan:  Lots 55 and 56 Cottonwood Crescent Dianella.

18 Sept 2016 - EPA Referral Lot 1002 Preston Bch Rd.

21 July 2016 - CPS 6800/1: Appeal against the granting of a clearing permit for Commissioner of Main Roads WA, York-Merredin Road widening and upgrade.

11 May 2016 -  Submission - Draft Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million People.         plus submission attachments.

28 Apr 2016 - Statement in support of the proposed listing of the Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain as a Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) at the level of endangered.

14 Apr 2016 - Submission on Shenton Park Draft Improvement Plan. 

29 Jan 2016 - Submission - MRS Amendments 1300/57; 1301/57; 1302/57.




29 Dec 2015 - Submission - MRS Amendments 1300/57; 1301/57; 1302/57 1300/57 - Maddington Kenwick Strategic Employment Areas. 

23 Nov 2015 - Submission - CPS 818: Application for clearing permit by Commissioner of Main Roads WA, Purpose Permit York-Merredin Road widening and upgrade. 

3 Nov 2015 - Submission - Residential Development on Lot 800, Youle-Dean Road, Brabham Western Australia - EPBC 2015/7458.

29 Oct 2015 - Submission - Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1280/41: Mangles Bay Marina.

20 Sept 2015 - Submission – Preliminary Draft Major Development Plan Forrestfield-Airport Link (within the Perth Airport Estate). 

10 Sept 2015 - Submission - MRS Amendment 1293/57 (minor amendment): Shenton Park Hospital Redevelopment.

28 Aug 2015 -  Submission – Bushmead Residential development Hazelmere, Western Australia - EPBC Act Ref: 2015/7414.


25 Juy 2015 - Submission: Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million.

27 May 2015 - Submission re Water Corporation - Ellenbrook Reliable Water Storage Project Proposal.

21 May 2015 - Submission to the inquiry into the administration and transparency of the Register of Environmental Organisations and its effectiveness in supporting communities to take practical action to improve the environment.

27 Apr 2015 - Submission re: Residential Estate Development, Mandogalup Urban Development,                  Mandogalup, WA EPBC Act  Ref:   2014/7308.

2 Mar 2015 - To Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority - Comments on the Scarborough Draft Master Plan January 2015.


5 Feb 2015 - SWAN REGION STRATEGY FOR NRM – Consultation Draft.

29 Jan 2015 - Proposed housing development of Lot 56 Cottonwood Crescent Dianella. 

10 Jan 2015 - Appeal against the Granting of a Clearing Permit - ABN Developments Ltd, Purpose Permit, Lot 1808 on Deposited Plan 108469, Lot 1876 on Deposited Plan 131371, Lot 2294 on Deposited Plan 124824 and Lot 5889 on Deposited Plan 208236, Bullsbrook, City of Swan, agriculture, 73.05 ha, permit duration 22 January 2015 to 22 January 2020, (CPS 5981/1).


30 Nov 2014 - Submission re PROPOSED MRS AMENDMENT  1271/41  LOT 59 WILKINS ROAD KALAMUNDA - proposal to transfer 10.73 ha from 'parks' to urban for the purposes of establishing an aged care facility.


20 Sept 2014 - Submission - Proposed residential development of Lot 6 Talbot Road, Stratton (EPBC 2013/6983).

23 Aug 2014 - Submission - Vegetation clearing for agriculture - Bullsbrook - EPBC 2014/7120.

28 July 2014 -Submission - Concept paper for the Review of Emergency Services Acts: Fire Brigades Act 1942, Bush Fires Act 1954, Fire and Emergency Services Act 1998.

12 July 2014 - Submission – Regarding Application for Clearing Permit – Commissioner of Main Roads, Western Australia, Purpose Permit, various road reserves and properties, City of Belmont and Shire of Kalamunda, road construction for the Gateway WA Project, 114.8 ha, (CPS 5242/3) – amendment to increase clearing size by 11.8 ha.

10 July 2014 - Comment - EPA report 1518 Keane Rd Strategic Link, Forrestdale.  

2 July 2014 - Submission – Application for Clearing Permit on Deposited Plan 115765, Bullsbrook, City of Swan. 

8 June 2014 - Objection – Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914 – Ref. RF 1 (Gateway WA application for a licence under s5C to take 629,000 kL from the Perth – Superficial Swan aquifer for dewatering and dust suppression at the intersection of Roe and Tonkin Hwy, Forrestfield.

28 May 2014 - Comments on the EPBC Amendment (Bilateral Agreement Implementation) Bill 2014.

28 May 2014 - Submission:  Swan Coastal Plain South Draft Management Plan 2014. 

14 May 2014 - Submission  Re Public Notice: Residential Estate Development Lot 682 Rowley Road, Mandogalup, WA.

3 Apr 2014 - Standing Committee on Environment and Communications References Committee - Inquiry into environmental offsets.

27 March 2014 - Submission to EPA on level of assessment for Water Corporation proposal for tanks, p/l etc in Bush Forever 399, adjacent BF 300  Ellenbrook.

 27 Jan 2014 - PER: Keane Road Strategic Link, Forrestdale - Proponent: City of Armadale.



24 Nov 2013 - EPBC Act referral 2013/7050: Lot 9000 Bottlebrush Drive Kiara WA: housing, open space and primary school proposal by WA Housing Authority.

12 Nov 2013 - City of Swan Amendment 99 - Bushfire Amendment.


25 Sept 2013 - Attachment to Appeal re Roe 8 Highway Extn - Botanical Report.

23 Aug 2013 - In support of the WA Wilflower Soc submission re: Section 57 Amendment (Minor) Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1188/57 Wellard Urban Precinct East.

5 July 2013 - Objection to proposal to demolish wetlands as part of the Cockburn Central West Structure Plan.

26 June 2013 - To Metro Region Scheme Amendment - Lot 911 Midland Rd, Hazelmere - 'Bushmead'.

19 June 2013 - Perth Airport - Submission to proposals for clearing for extensions - Southern Aviation Precinct and Taxiway Charlie extension.

14 June 2013 - To Main Roads - input to proposal for Malaga Drive Interchange.

13 May 2013 - Appeal against EPA Report re Proposals for Mangles Bay Marina - Tourist Precinct. 

26 April 2013. Submission - City of Armadale re its proposal to extend Anstey Keane Road through the Bush Forever Site 342.

14 April 2013 - Appeal against the granting of a Clearing Permit for the Gateway Project, City of Belmont and Shire of Kalamunda, 103 hectares (CPS 5242/1).

8 April 2013 - Submission to City of Stirling re its proposal for a Trigg Beach boardwalk.

16 Jan 2013. Submission - Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1236/57. 

9 Jan 2013. Submission - Land disposition: Proposed land lease Portion of 41 (Lot 5483) Park Lane, Alexander Heights.


12 Dec 2012. Submission - Inquiry into the effectiveness of threatened species and ecological communities’ protection in Australia.

6 Oct 2012. Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia, Purpose Permit, various road reserves and properties, City of Belmont, City of Canning and the Shire of Kalamunda, road construction for the Gateway WA Project, 112 ha, (CPS 5242/1).

2 Oct 2012. Appeal against the granting of a clearing permit. Town of Cambridge, Wembley sports complex development, 0.5 ha and 56 native trees. CPS 5155/1.


22 Aug 2012. Request to EPA for formal assessment of proposed housing development of Stratton Bushland. Talbot Rd. Stratton.

6 Aug 2012. Submission in response to proposals for Wembley Sports Complex Development.

17 June 2012.  Re – Application for Clearing Permit (CPS 5081/1) Wattle Grove, Shire of Kalamunda.

 May 2012. Nomination of Perth's Banksia woodlands as a Threatened Ecological Community under the Federal Government's Environment Protection and Biodiverstity Conservation Act.

9 May 2012. To DEC re Fesa application for a clearing permit (CPS 4982/1) re Dundas Rd BF site.

20 Apr 2012. To Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Canberra re National Wildlife Corridors Plan.

20 Apr 2012. Mangles Bay Marina Based Tourist Precinct Public Environmental Review Prepared for Cedar Woods Properties Ltd by Strategen, Feb 2012.

9 Apr 2012. To World Heritage Committee re nominating the 'Banksia Dominated Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain IBRA Region’ as a ‘World Heritage Site’. 

 23 Mar 2012. Re: Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project , Public Environmental Review, under EPBC Act 1999.

30 Jan 2012. To Min. Burke re: Imminent release of PER for Gateway Vision project - Tonkin Highway and other roads, Perth Airport.

28 Jan 2012. To DEC. Re Application for Clearing permit - Belmont Racecourse.



Submission to Federal Government's draft Environmental Offsets Strategy.

Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel Regions – Draft Terms of Reference

PER Roe Highway Extension

To Dept of Planning re Tamala Conservation Park Establishment Plan

To Landcorp re Clearing Perry Lakes Roosting Sites

To Planning DEC re Clearing Perry Lakes Roosting Sites

Eglinton Estates Clearing

Nowgerup Quarry Clearing Permit

To EPA re Ecological Linkages

To Members of Parl. re Bush Forever

MRS Amendment Sthn River

QE11 Clearing Permit Appn

To Fed Env Minister re Perth Airport


Dianella Venice Ct

Hazelmere City of Swan

High Wycombe Urban Precinct

Lake Clifton Rural Subdivision

Perth Industrial Land Strategy

Welshpool City of Canning Transport Depot


Re Aust Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-20

Appeal against Non-assessment of Burning at Baldivis Swamp

Re Appeal against Non-assesment of Burning at Baldivis Swamp

Appeal against Level of Assessment Buffalo Rd, Parkfield

Clearing Regulations Review Panel Submission

Removal of Pine Trees re Eradication of the European House Borer

Gnangara Sustainability Strategy

Jandakot Airport Clearing Proposal

Jandakot Airport Clearing Proposal

Jandakot Airport Clearing Proposal

Re Application for Clearing at Maida Vale

Appeal against Level of assessment - Nowgerup Quarry

Objection to Rezoning Proposal Ranford Rd Canningvale

Inquiry into Recreation Activities within Public Drinking Water Areas

Extension of Roe Highway North Lake, Bibra Lake, and Beeliar RP

Application for Clearing Permit Welshpool

Re EPA Call for Comment Yalgorup Area


Appeal against Land Clearing Nowgerup

Re Clearing for Fiona Stanley Hospital

Re Clearing at Breera, Shire of Gingin

Application for Clearing Cullacabardee

Application for Clearing Jandakot Airport


Appeal against Notification of Clearing Permit Mount Claremont

Re Associations Incorporated Green Bill

Proposed Clearing at Guilford Cemetary

Clearing at Morley Dve. Kiara

Underwood Ave Shenton - UWA Proposal to Clear

Guildford Cemetary - Appeal against Level of Assessment

Re Jandakot Airport 4th Runway

Re Jandakot Airport 4th Runway


To EPA re Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Proposal

Re Town of Kwinana District Structure Plan

Re Town of Kwinana Local Planning Strategy

South West Yarragadee Water supply Development

Objection to Rezoning of Thomson's Lake Reserve

Clearing Warton Rd Southern River

Re Amendment to Environmental Protection Act 1986

Perth Airport Clearing at Horrie Millar Dve and Tonkin Hwy

Environment and Heritage Legislation Amendment Bill

Dampier to Bunbury Gas Pipeline - Appeal against Level of Assessment

Comment on Draft State of Environment Report

Application to Clear at Carrabooda

Alkimos Wastewater Treatment Plant



Stakehill Swamp, Baldivis Rezoning Proposal

Re Draft Gingin Structure Plan

Perth Water Desalination Project Pipeline

Biodiversity Conservation Stategy Discussion Paper

Alkimos-Eglinton Scheme Amendment

PER Malaga Wetland Industrial Subdivision

Wungong Catchment Environment and water Management Project

Re Draft Two Rocks Yanchep Foreshore Management Plan

Bold Park Draft Management Plan

City of Swan Draft Biodiversity Strategy

Jandakot Airport Preliminary Draft Masterplan

Cape Peron Tourist Precinct Project

South Trigg Beach Boardwalk

Saint Andrews Concept Plan

Jindalee Agreed Structure Plan

Perth Airport Brickworks

PER Ellenbrook Residential Subdivision