Glengarry Primary School Environmental Care

Glengarry Primary School Environmental Care – H.O.P.E. Group ‘Help Our Precious Environment’


Rigid Wattle.

Scope:  Bushland care – adjacent to Glengarry Primary School

Aim:  To educate and encourage people to protect the bush.  The native animals (lizards, and small mammals) have had their protection depleted. Our diverse birds have lost their trees. The delicate nature of bushland is reliant on fungi, bacteria and the many small organisms’ interdependence. We can remove some invasive plants and return those, which are native to our area.


• 3 x Jarrah & 5x tuart saplings
• Native plants for the edges of the bush.
• Nesting boxes for parrots.

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Pamela Algar:

Glengarry Primary School Environmental Care Location


Donations and support from the wider community help us to protect and campaign for our Urban Bushland.

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