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NEW: Endangered Black Cockatoo resources released.


Introductory Notes


Colouring-in sheets for:

Carnaby’s Cockatoo with nestling at a nest box


Identification guide to:




Exploring Perth's Banksia Bushland

An activity sheet designed to support students learning about the Banksia woodlands of Western Australia has been developed by members of the Urban Bushland Council.  Lesson plans, suitable for primary school age children, are provided in this section. There are many other ways that the sheet could be used to help in the study of our natural environment.  Some further suggestions are included at the bottom of the page.

Activity Sheet

exploring_perth_banksia_bushland3We have created this drawing of banksia woodland to illustrate the diversity of habitat and the interdependence of flora and fauna within it. The Banksia Bushland Activity Sheet is designed for A3 Printing.  

  Download the Banksia Bushland Activity Sheet  here.




For Lower Primary School


 Creature Feature: Movement. For Years 1 - 3

 The lesson plan can be downloaded from here


 For Upper Primary School


 Creature Feature: Movement.  For Years 4+

 The lesson plan can be downloaded from here




Subiaco Primary School - Pre-primary  Drawings 


Pre-primary children at Subiaco Primary School produced drawings of Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos after a cockatoo enthusiast, a grandmother of one of the children in the class, spoke to the class about black cockatoos.


The children are aged either five or six years; their drawings show a very good understanding, particularly of the red tail feathers.