Weed invasion is one of the most relentless and insidious of the many threats to urban bushland. Weed management in bushland is concerned with much more than simply the elimination of weeds. The underlying objective is always the protection and restoration of diverse natural ecosystems.

Bushland weed management in the region is often about working in complex natural systems with a long history of varying disturbances. There is a need to recognise that effective weed management among such diversity begins with knowing and understanding each site; the distribution of the native plants and the native plant communities, the patterns of disturbance and the distribution of weeds.

This is  a searchable weeds database that will help you identify our most significant environmental weeds, provide you with information on the management of those weeds and let you know where you can find more information. If you are uncertain as to the correct spelling of the common or scientific name, just type in part of the name for the search e.g.”euph” in the search field and the search will return weeds with “Euphorbia” as part of the common or scientific name.

If you are considering the management advice, please check the Florabase webpage before proceeding as management methods may have changed.

If your weed is not listed here please contact us for further information and advice.



Type of plant
Flowering month/s
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