Science and Conservation Jobs Stimulus

The Urban Bushland Council WA advocates for a science and conservation job stimulus to build a better future. Ahead of us is a great opportunity to transform the recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic and 2019/20 bushfires, and the ongoing impacts of changes in our climate, into long term enhancements for the environment and the economy.

Tuart Woodland.

We believe that investment in the understanding and nurturing of what is arguably the greatest biodiversity of any city in the world, will secure this perpetual asset for generations to come. At the same time it will create the basis for a sustainable economic input for the future for our State.

The ‘Science and Conservation Jobs Stimulus’ proposes major government investment in new jobs to get people back to work here in our South West biodiversity hotspot. This area is also the most populous region of our State of Western Australia.

We therefore recommend a recurrent investment of $100 million be added to the State budget allocation for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) for biodiversity conservation in the Perth and Peel regions. Such investment would then allow DBCA to fulfil its biodiversity conservation obligations and to promote and provide visitor experiences in nature.

Castiarina simulata. Star Swamp.

The Opportunities

So here are just some of the State Government science and conservation employment opportunities that could be created to protect our unique biodiversity and economic assets.

  1. Bush Forever: There are 287 Bush Forever Areas (BFAs) needing more bushcare
  2. Forrestdale Education/Visitor Centre and DBCA base
  3. Regional Parks
  4. Employ scientists
  5. Post fire management, and fire risk management
  6. Nominate the South West Biodiversity Hotspot for World Heritage listing

You can read the full details of our proposals here.  In it you will find more detail on the Bush Forever Call for Action and the Bushcare Employment Opportunities.

Photos. Left Tuart Woodland at Lake Cooloongup by  John Baas. Right Castiarina simulata. Star Swamp by David Pike.


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