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Note – This page is not currently being updated, and is retained here for reference purposes. Save Beeliar Wetlands is still actively campaigning and you can follow the latest developments using the links below:

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Minister hands down Decision

On 23 Dec 2014 Minister Jacobs issued his decision, in respect of appeals to the EPA’s recommedations (see below)  allowing the project to proceed, subject to additional conditions. The environmental movement is deeply dissatisfied with this outcome.    The campaign continues…

EPA recommends Conditional Approval

On Black Friday, 13 September 2013, the Environmental Protection Authority recommended conditional approval for a five kilometre extension of Roe Highway through Bibra Lake and North Lake. This is part of Bush Forever site 244.

Main Roads WA wants to extend the highway from Kwinana Freeway in Jandakot to Stock Road in Coolbellup.

A news report can be found here  and the EPA’s recommendations here.

Roe 8 Appeal – Issues

Avoidance – Appendix D of the PER examined 7 options and found Option 7 would “avoid” impacts on the Beelier wetlands. The EPA states “Of fundamental importance in this assessment is the proponents application of the avoidance and minimisation principles”. If this was the case Option 7 should have been identified as the preferred option.

Bush Forever – 40 ha of regionally significant bushland must not be cleared.

Fauna Impacts on Carnaby’s black cockatoo habitat (Endangered) – 78 ha of foraging habitat to be cleared; Forest-red tailed cockatoo (Vulnerable) – 73 ha of foraging habitat to be cleared; Quenda – 73 ha to be cleared and Perth Lined Lerista (priority 3) – 91 ha habitat loss.

Wetlands – 6.8 ha cleared, including the Conservation Category Wetland of Roe Swamp. Clearing of these important wetlands must be avoided.

Offsets – purchase of 100 ha of land containing fauna habitat does not address the net loss of habitat. Trees can be planted however these do not provide a source of food for a number of years and can never replace a natural, complex environment with a unique suite of plants and animals plus complex ecological processes.

TEC mound spring – flora surveyed indicates the possibility of a mound spring assemblage in the project area that has not been fully investigated.

Sound – noise barriers have been identified for areas of housing however no barriers have been proposed for the natural bushland and wetland. The quiet enjoyment values of this regional park will be destroyed and the good work of the Wetlands Education Centre will be destroyed when a highway is built next door.

Shading – elevating the highway will increase shading on the plants below and will undoubtedly change the types of plants that will grow in that part of the wetland. What weed species will invade that altered environment?

Time Limit for Proposal Implementation – the approval will expire within five years unless substantial implementation is undertaken. We request that the condition explicitly state that land clearing and drainage works is not deemed “substantial” due to the risk of land clearing and then the project stalling due to the current state budget restraints.

Further Information

Please go to the  Save Beeliar Wetlands Home Page for more information on this environmentally destructive project.

Contact Details

UBC’s submission on the Roe 8 Extension to EPA (September 2011)  (Download)

‘Save Beeliar Wetlands’ – History

A rapidly growing group of dedicated campaigners has been fighting to preserve Bibra Lake and North Lake from Roe Highway Stage 8 development for decades.

Here are some of the key milestones of the campaign so far:

Early 1980s: A strong beginning

The campaign was launched following the Farrington Road Blockade. Since then, our core group of campaigners has worked on multiple fronts to further the cause. We have a substantial number of reports and documented evidence from the early days of the campaign, including input from the EPA to use in our current challenge.

Our group was also involved in large-scale decision making including the Freight Network Review and the subsequent Local Impacts Committee.

2001: Commissioned Roe Highway Community Survey report

The North Lake Residents Assoc. Inc. commissioned a community survey report titled, Proposed Stage 8 Roe Highway Extension Through The Beeliar Regional Park North Lake and Bibra Lake. Community Survey, 2001

500 surveys were distributed throughout the community. A total of 399 surveys were returned, this response is very high when considering that the survey consisted of 17 questions. In response to question number 2, “Should Roe Hwy be constructed beyond the Kwinana Fwy through the Beeliar Wetlands of North & Bibra Lakes?”, a total of 95% said No, 3% said yes and 2% were undecided…Read More…

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