Wilson Wetlands Action Group

The Wilson Wetlands Action Group formed in 1998 and has been very active since that time, working on restoring the Wilson wetlands and environs and maintaining a healthy wetland system. The Wilson wetlands are part of the Canning River Regional Park. The group has worked to restore the wetlands’ fringing vegetation from a weed-infested area into a place where indigenous plants are beginning to expand their range through natural processes.

The group works on site at least once per month during a weekend morning (usually Sunday); weeding, planting and carrying out maintenance tasks. We organise planting events each year to involve local school children in the environment.

White-headed Stilt are common.

We have been successful in attracting and managing grants from the Swan Alcoa Landcare Program, Department of Environment and Conservation, and the City of Canning. This has enabled us to engage contractors to do work that is beyond the scope or qualifications of volunteers, such as herbicide application, and to buy a trailer and tools.

We work to maintain good relations with stakeholders, such as the agencies listed above, as well as neighbouring community groups, schools and individuals.

Part of the regional park land we work upon is privately owned by the Trustees of the Christian Brothers (Castledare) and they have been supportive of our efforts.

All members of WWAG are volunteers. Any interested person can become a WWAG member, including young people as we have a junior category of membership. The committee meet once a month.

WWAG Objectives

To ensure the conservation of the Canning River Regional Park within its existing
boundary, now and for future generations.
Specifically, this refers to the Wilson Wetlands Action Group’s area of interest* and will
be to:
(a) prevent fragmentation of the Canning River Regional Park and maintain a
buffer zone;
(b) work with relevant agencies to ensure the protection of existing native
flora and fauna;
(c) ensure conservation of biological diversity;
(d) work with stakeholders to ensure the conservation of the recreational
values of the area known as Lot 4 and Lot 501 Fern Road, Wilson;
(e) revegetate the area with vegetation that is locally indigenous to this
(f) establish WWAG’s area of interest* as an educational resource;
(g) rehabilitate the drains to improve biodiversity and habitat:
(i) Mills Street Main drain;
(ii) Wilson Main drain;
(h) encourage relevant agencies to provide adequate parking and ablution
facilities, with disabled access, at the site of Lot 4 and Lot 501; and
(i) encourage retention and restoration of heritage buildings, structures and
*WWAG’s area of interest refers to the area within the Canning River Regional Park
bounded by Bow Street to the City of Canning Depot, and between the Canning River
and Fern Road, Wilson, and the area known as Lot 4 and Lot 501 Fern Road, Wilson.

Contact details

Chairperson:   Russell Gorton
Phone:           08 9258 7301

Email:           wilsonwetland@gmail.com



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