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Introductory Note

The Colouring Sheets.

The three species of black cockatoo seen in the Perth area are all endemic to south-west WA and their very existence is threatened due to destruction of forest and woodland habitat-having an impact on food resources and hollow-bearing trees for nests.
Other threats to the birds are competition for breeding hollows by other species, feral European honey bees, poaching of eggs for aviary trade, changes in fire regimes and potentially climate change. The activity sheets have been designed for a wide audience–from merely as a colouring sheet for lower primary school children to a sheet that requires more research by upper primary children into colours and textures etc. of the birds and surrounding vegetation.
The full introductory notes are available here:  (Download).
Colouring-in sheets for:
Baudin’s Cockatoo   (Download).
Carnaby’s Cockatoo  (Download).
Forest Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo  (Download).

Carnaby’s Cockatoo with nestling at a nest box  (Download).

Three species in bushland setting  (Download).
Identification guide to:
Chewed Marri nuts eaten by cockatoos and parrots.  (Download).


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