Ixia paniculata

Ixia paniculata.

Common name


Scientific Name

Ixia paniculata

Type of plant

Bulbs or Corms

About this weed

Like many of the corms and bulbs that have now become weeds, Ixia paniculata was originally from South Africa and was introduced as a garden plant. It is less common in bushland than other Ixias.  The flowers are cream through yellow to orange and have a distinctive narrow lower tube and a simple array of petals about 4-5cm’s in diameter.



Ixia paniculata grows to about 60 cm in height and the plant dies back after flowering. The corms resprout after autumn and winter rains so are renewed annually. Cream-yellow-orange flowers bloom in August, September and October. It also reproduces by seed and can persist in the seedbank for between 1 and 5 years. It generally survives fire.

Impact on Bushland

If established can impact native plant communities.


This garden escapee is located in only a few places in the South-West Province usually around old settlements and road verges. It prefers loam, sand, sandy or loamy clay or ironstone gravel and is far less common than Ixia maculata.

Priority for removal


Management (hand)

Hand weeding is an option just prior to flowering. But care must be taken to remove all corms and create as little soil disturbance as possible.

Management (herbicide)

Spot spray metsulfuron methyl 0.2 g/15 L + Pulse® (or 2.5 – 5g /ha + Pulse®) or 2,2 DPA 5 g/L+ Pulse®. Apply just on flowering at corm exhaustion. Read the manufacturers’ labels and material safety data sheets before using herbicides. Months for optimal spraying are July, August and September.

Flowering month/s

August, September, October

Flower colour/s

Yellow, Orange, Cream

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