Bearded Oat

Common name

Bearded Oat

Scientific Name

Avena barbata


An erect annual grass-like plant growing to between 0.3-1m high.

Impact on Bushland

Able to outcompete native grasses. It forms an extensive, fibrous root system. Can increase fire frequencies. Reportedly needs disturbance to establish. Capable of adapting to environmental conditions, such as different water and light availability, higher mean temperatures and altitude. Self-pollinated. Produces prolific seed. Buried seed often remains dormant until exposed by cultivation or other disturbance. Predominantly germinates after onset of autumn rains. Herbicide resistance has been recorded.


Variety of soils across the South-West Province.

Priority for removal

High: major threat to the conservation values of Banksia woodlands

Management (hand)

Hand pull before seeds develop.

Management (herbicide)

Spray at 3-5 leaf stage with Fusilade¬ Forte at 16 ml/10 L + wetting agent or for generic fluazifop-p (212g/L active ingredient) 10mL/10L or 0.5L/ha + wetting agent. Repeat over the following 2 years. Aim to prevent seed production.

Information source

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