False Onion Weed

False Onion Weed.

Common name

False Onion Weed

Scientific Name

Nothoscordum gracile

Type of plant

Bulbs or Corms

About this weed

This invasive bulb is another garden escapee from South America. The plant reproduces from the numerous bulbils produced in spring and early summer or by seed or bulb. Generally seeds are distributed by wind and water. In late autumn the plant produces long strap like leaves before producing a cluster of white flowers. The plant dies down after flowering.



This weedy bulb came from South America and grows between 0.15-0.6 m high. Numerous scented, white flowers are produced on a long stem but it does not have an ‘oniony’ smell. The strap-like leaves tend to die down before flowering. The plant reproduces from bulbils, bulb offsets and seed. Once germinated the plant does not flower until it is 3 years old. Like many bulbs it generally survives fire.

Impact on Bushland

If left may spread over bushland.


Found in scattered areas of the Eremaean Province and South-West Province on sand and sandy clay.

Priority for removal

Low: causes minimal disruption to ecological processes or loss of biodiversity.

Management (hand)

Like most bulbs hand weeding is the most effective means of control but extra care must be taken as the bulbils easily detach from the main plant when disturbed.

Management (herbicide)

Not available.

Flowering month/s

October, November

Flower colour/s


Information source


Additional information


Hussey, B.M.J., Keighery, G.J., Dodd, J., Lloyd, S.G. and Cousens, R.D. (2007) Western weeds. A guide to the weeds of Western Australia, Second Edition, The Weeds Society of Western Australia, Victoria Park, Western Australia.

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