Common name


Scientific Name

Yucca aloifolia

Type of plant

Tree And Shrub Weeds

About this weed

The Yucca is a garden escapee originally from the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. They were grown for their ornamental value and display cream bell shaped flowers which rise on a stalk from the central plant in spring. Yucca plants can still be seen in the older suburbs around Perth and in some of the older settlements in the Southwest.


Yucca is a rhizomatous, perennial tree-like shrubby plant growing to 1.6 m high. The leaves are stiff and fleshy with terminal spines. The cream and white bell shaped flowers are held aloft on a huge spike. It is commonly cultivated as a water-wise feature plant.

Impact on Bushland

Not available.


Yucca is sparsely distributed across a few sites at Busselton, Esperance and Harvey. It prefers sandy soils or gravelly clayey loam.

Priority for removal


Management (hand)

Not available.

Management (herbicide)

Not available.

Flowering month/s


Flower colour/s

White, Cream

Information source


Additional information


Hussey, B.M.J., Keighery, G.J., Dodd, J., Lloyd, S.G. and Cousens, R.D. (2007) Western weeds. A guide to the weeds of Western Australia, Second Edition, The Weeds Society of Western Australia, Victoria Park, Western Australia.

Yucca images


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