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The Friends of Queens Park Bushland (FQPB) is a community group of volunteers whose aim is to protect, regenerate and revegetate the bushland where the suburbs of Queens Park, East Cannington and Welshpool intersect.

The bushland covers 19 hectares in total, broken up into blocks of various size. A range of soil types and vegetation communities are represented. The reserves consist of open woodland of Marri / Jarrah / Banksia species with fringing woodland of Flooded Gum / Melaleuca along the damp areas.


We have a strong research focus. We are recording and attempting to identify every species, both flora and fauna, that lives in our bushland. Our data is shared with the City of Canning, WA Museum, WA Insect Study Society, DEC and any other interested organisation or individual. University students regularly use our bushland as a study site.

Fauna and flora surveys, both professional and amateur, are conducted regularly. These surveys have identified threatened ecological communities, priority, and rare and endangered species contained within, and using, the area.

Cowslip and Pink Fairy Orchid hybrid.

The FQPB conduct monthly group activities. These include seed collecting, planting, weeding, rubbish collecting and night stalks. We also submit regular articles to community newspapers to keep local residents informed of our activities and the preciousness of our natural areas.

The group formed in 1992 when proposed development threatened the bushland on the corner of Wharf Street and Welshpool Road, Queens Park. When the housing did not proceed, the group expanded their interest to include all of the bushland in the area. These natural areas then became Bush Forever sites 283 and 424.

Our greatest achievement to date has been the construction of the wetland near the corner of Station Street and Welshpool Road.

Black Creek Reserve.

Working with the City of Canning, Main Roads and the WA Water Authority we changed a straight drain surrounded by weeds into a thriving and functional wetland. The water coming into the wetland is filtered by the water plants and flows on towards the Canning River far cleaner than it arrived. As if giving their seal of approval, birds, frogs and turtles have been attracted to the area to live, breed and raise their young.

New members and visitors are welcome to join us. Please contact us at for details of upcoming activities.


Queens Park Bushland is an Urban Treasure.

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