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The bushland in the Triangle is an example of an intact Banksia Woodland community and is situated on the Bassendean landform. It provides a window into the past showing the natural bushland that was once widespread in the area. The nine tree species present in the Triangle are common to the Perth region thus providing a wonderful outdoor classroom for students of all ages. With the Banksias there are Balgas (grass trees), orchids, an extensive ground cover of rushes and sedges, plus reptiles and birds.

The bushland at Inglewood Triangle is special because it is in good condition considering it is located within an established urban area. It also forms part of an ecological corridor with Mount Lawley Golf Course, Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, Macauley Park, Hamer Park and Yokine Reserve.

However, there are a range of impacts threatening the biodiversity of the Triangle including weeds, unleashed dogs, cats, foxes, bushfires, die back, feral bees, litter from passing motorists, herbicide spraying over many years, declining ground water and climate change.

The Friends

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Friends of Inglewood Triangle is a group of people from the local community who maintain and enhance the local biodiversity within the Triangle. The Friends Group comes together for weeding days, Clean Up Australia Day, public walks and have links with Perth College. 

We have focused our efforts on hand weeding the sections of this bushland which are in the best condition.  Other more weedy degraded areas have been targeted to varying degrees depending on the availability of volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers who would like to join our group and participate in our bushland conservation activities while learning more about our local environment.

We obtained grant funding from DGPA to provide the interpretive signs that can be found in the bushland. More recently we have obtained grant funding to support Dieback management and to further progress the removal of invasive weeds.

2020 Priorities

  1. Managing threats: (i) Managing Phytophthora Dieback and (ii) managing grassy & invasive weeds especially veldt, fumaria and black flag
  2. Targeted revegetation and recovery in Section D – the most degraded part of the site
  3. A strong community engagement program through collaboration with schools (such as Perth College) and broader community engagement in a series of Spring Walks
  4. Extending our conservation influence to other bushlands in proximity to Inglewood Triangle

When visiting

Please remember when visiting Inglewood Triangle:

  • Dogs on leashes only.
  • Please clean your footwear at the dieback stations located at the entrances to the Triangle.


Dieback-Guidelines-Inglewood Triangle 2020

Dieback Treatment Inglewood Triangle 2020

Inglewood Triangle is an Urban Treasure.

Field Guide to the Plants of Inglewood Triangle Bushland.

 Field Guide to the Birds of Inglewood Triangle.

Guide to the Weeds of Inglewood Triangle Bushland.

Fungi and Slime Moulds of Inglewood Triangle.

Inglewood Triangle Management Plan 2020-2023

History of Friends of Inglewood Triangle.  (Download)


2019 Annual Report and 2019 Minutes

2018 – 2019 Report

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26 January 2017 – 2016 Report

2 January 2016 – 2015  Report

6 January 2015 – 2014 Report

18 October 2014

17 August 2014

21 April 2014: Autumn update

23 February 2014: Clean Up Australia Day

30 November 2013: late Spring update

9 September 2013: Spring flowering 

7 July 2013: 2013 Revegetation Day

28 April 2013: Autumn News

4 February 2013: Summer News

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Donations and support from the wider community help us to protect and campaign for our Urban Bushland.

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