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Samphire wetlands.

The Wetlands Conservation Society was formed in 1985 following the high profile campaign to protect the North Lake wetlands from the construction of Farrington Road in September 1984.
Initially the WCS focussed on protection of the Beeliar Wetlands that are faced with ongoing threats.  This campaign lead to the establishment of the Beeliar Regional Park in the Cities of Melville, Cockburn, and Kwinana.

The WCS has now extended its campaign interests to wetland conservation throughout the metropolitan area and Western Australia as a whole and regularly makes submissions to development proposals and policy documents related to wetlands throughout WA.  In addition to this the WCS is represented on a variety of government and public committees involved with environmental issues.

Members of the WCS played leading roles in the establishment of the Wetlands Centre in Cockburn and the campaign to establish the Beeliar Regional Park.

Major events

Since 2001 the Wetlands Conservation Society has celebrated World Wetlands Day on February 2nd by working with the Cockburn Wetlands Centre to organise the Wetlands Management Conference.  The conference is attended by about 200 people every year and aims to provide an affordable forum for community members and local government to exchange information on the latest wetland management practices and it also provides a much appreciated opportunity for networking.

How to join this great Organisation

Becoming part of WA’s dedicated wetland conservation group is very easy.
Come and join us and help protect our precious wetlands in Western Australia.  You can join as an individual or a family and will receive regular newsletters to keep you up to date with issues and activities. The membership fees are very affordable.
A membership form can be downloaded here.   Please send completed forms to the email addresses provided under contact.

Out and About

Anstey-Keane Dampland.

Every Spring we head out to explore wetlands, bushland and wildlife of special interest to the group.  We’ve admired the picturesque Ellis Brook Reserve, examined the amazing biodiversity of the Anstey Keane wetlands and ventured onto the usually out of bounds, Garden Island.  Many of the members are also involved in community planting days as part of the landcare program for the Beeliar wetlands.

Meeting details

Everyone is welcome to attend our quarterly meetings, held on the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October.  The meetings begin at 8pm, at the Cockburn Wetlands Centre, 184 Hope Road, Bibra Lake.   At the meetings we discuss updates of current issues and  policies affecting Western Australian wetlands, and report on matters of interest to our members.  If meetings aren’t your thing don’t let that put you off joining the WCS, you can keep in the loop with the newsletter and join in community activities.

For more information – contact:

Philip Jennings at philipjennings2274@gmail.com or Felicity Bairstow at flicab19@gmail.com



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