Is your bushland or wetland under threat?

In 2021 UBC has adopted a theme centred around the question: Is your bushland or wetland under threat?

If weeds, fire and feral animals weren’t enough threats for conservation of our amazing plants and animals, we also have the actions of those who see the bushland differently to how we see it!  Some want to love it to death, leaving no areas for wildlife. Others just see it for building on, denying the essential ecological services it provides. With successive governments streamlining development approvals, we all need to be on guard. You need people on your side, and you need to know where to look for information.


Through a generous donor we will be adding to our talks and walks program with a series of Capacity Building workshops. In these, we will provide clear, tangible advice on how the systems for environmental protection work and how you can be an effective advocate.

We will tap into to the wise practical experiences of you, a bushcarer protecting your bush patch. And we will also bring to you people with the knowledge of how the system that decides the fate of our bushland, actually works. UBC has engaged Rosemary Glass to develop and deliver 6 workshops over the next 6 months. If you would like more information, contact Rosemary or committee members Colma Keating or Sue Conlan via email at  We will also promote workshop themes and dates widely in the next few weeks.

These workshops will be complemented by the topics of our evening talks and weekend morning walks because we are keen to introduce others to your patches to see the threats, challenges and why it’s all worth the hard work.

Protecting our Bushland through a Global Approach

Our second evening talk on the theme of “Protecting our Bushland through a Global Approach” will be given by Dr Judy Fisher on Thursday 8 April from 6 pm at City West Lotteries House.

She will talk about the ways that Member Groups can protect and enhance biodiversity through on-ground work/strategies. Can the latest approach to saving worldwide biodiversity save Perth bushland?

Judy is the Director and Principal Socio-ecologist of Fisher Research Pty Ltd, and consults with organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe. She is Adjunct Associate Professor with the UWA Institute of Agriculture. She has also been elected to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES); Multidisciplinary Expert Panel composed of 5 representatives from each United Nations Region. You can read more about Judy’s work here.

Join Us

Join us from 6 pm for refreshments. The talk will start at 6:30 pm. Please RSVP your attendance here (scroll to the bottom of the page)

If you can’t make it to West Perth, you can join us on Zoom. Just email UBC at so that we can send you the link.

These photos have been posted by either SERAG, CRREPA or Friends of Mosman Park Bushland highlighting volunteer activities at their patch.

What’s next? Watch out for upcoming workshops, talks and walks and book your place!

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