Our Wonderful Bushland Invertebrates

Castiarina simulata. Star Swamp.

Perth’s suburbs and ‘near metro’ offer great nature observation opportunities. Even small bushland remnants hold outstanding species biodiversity.

Most of the animals in our bushlands are invertebrates and there is amazing variety. Invertebrates play a massive role in the environment as pollinators, recyclers, cleaners, feeders and as food for predators. Their importance is greatly underrated.


Invertebrates have developed ingenious methods of avoiding being eaten or otherwise being attacked. In our bushlands we’ll see spiders, mites and scorpions, millipedes and centipedes, and a legion of insects. For example, view the Western Australian Museum’s collection of Jewel Beetles.

When the grass trees are flowering, the flowers will be alive with wasps, butterflies, beetles and weevils.

All the locations listed on the main Treasures page are prospective for these captivating creatures.

We hope that the images on this page will whet your appetite to look closely at the ‘little things that count.’

Our Wonderful Bushland Invertebrates Gallery


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