Poolgarla (Bull Banksia) Walk Trail, Murdoch University

This trail is located in the Murdoch University Banksia Woodland Reserve, opposite the entrance to the Kennedy Baptist College on Farm Road, Murdoch. It can be reached via Farrington Road, or Discovery Drive. Limited parking is available on the verge, opposite the entrance to the Reserve.

This small reserve has well-made earth paths and some interpretive signage. In Spring it has a glorious display of wildflowers.


Bring your own water supply as there are no facilities in the reserve. To avoid spreading dieback disease, you should stay on the path and make sure you brush your shoes at the cleaning stations at the start and end of the trail.

Length: 1 kilometre

Walk Time: 30 minutes

Class: 2 (level bush track)

Start: Farm Road, Murdoch University, opposite the entrance to Kennedy Baptist College

End: loop trail, ends 100metres south of start.

Facilities: interpretive signage

The Trail:

  1. Start your walk at the northern gate of the reserve. Brush your shoes before you start.
  2. Follow the trail eastwards through a heavily wooded area dominated by jarrah and balga, plus occasional remnant pine trees from the previous pine plantation which bordered the reserve on the northern side.
  3. Along this section of the Poolgarla Trail you should see abundant displays of wildflowers in the Spring, including cowslips, native wisteria and prickly bitter pea. See the List of Species in Flower for more details about what is flowering at various times of the year.
  4. After walking 400 metres you will reach the end of the reserve and the trail swings to the right to commence the return journey.
  5. As you continue the trail swing right again and heads west, back to Farm Road. Along this section of the trail you will see revegetation efforts underway to control weed invasion from the neighbouring animal paddocks. There is a good display of red and green kangaroo paws (Anigozanthus manglesii) that have been planted in this section.
  6. Continuing westwards you will soon reach a biologically diverse area will abundant wildflowers in the Spring. They include greenhood, donkey and cowslip orchids, buttercups, native wisteria, hovea, milkmaids, purple tassels and scarlet runner. See the List of species in flower for more details.
  7. This reserve has abundant animal life including honeyeaters, black cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets and quendas.
  1. As you reach the end if your walk you will see a spectacular display of orchids and hovea near the exit gate in Spring. Don’t forget to wipe your shoes as you leave, to avoid spreading dieback disease.





Poolgarla (Bull Banksia) Walk Trail, Murdoch University Gallery

Poolgarla (Bull Banksia) Walk Trail, Murdoch University Location


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