Celebrating Black Cockatoos

Black Cockatoos of Jirdarup The Friends of Kensington Bushland invite you to their walk and talk about the Black Cockatoos of Jirdarup (Kensington Bushland) Sunday 22nd March 2020 – 3 to 4.30 pm MEET Rex the Black Cockatoo & Sam Clarke from Kaarakin Conservation Centre and Adam Peck from Birdlife WA LEARN about these iconic […]

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Spring Walks

It’s almost Spring – and there are many Spring walks in the coming weeks.  Here are a few to tempt you. Baigup Wetlands Come to Baigup Wetlands on the Swan River at Maylands on Sunday 15 September for a Spring walk. Meet people from other community groups while exploring this beautiful Bush Forever site. Baigup […]

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Tawny Frogmouth in Underwood

It was such a surprise to almost bump into this Tawny Frogmouth in an Allocasuarina tree in Underwood Bushland, Shenton Park. Maybe she was a female. She wasn’t giving much away but while pretending to be a branch, she had one eye on me. Several years ago a pair had nested in a coral tree […]

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Saving Urban Bushland

Saving Urban Bushland – piece by piece, year after year, again and again As presented to the Nature City Seminar June 2019 Why is  saving urban bushland from destruction so hard? Look at one battle as an example of many fought piece by piece, year after year, again and again across the metropolitan area. This […]

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Two great urban bushland events

The winter rains have finally arrived on the Swan Coastal Plain and our thoughts turn again to protecting our urban bushland.  We now have the details for some great urban bushland focussed events. In JUNE come to the Nature City Seminar.  Come to share information and further understand the knowledge gaps about nature in urban […]

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Greater Brixton Street Wetlands

Updates: Bushland Campaigns

Over the past six months, we have highlighted a number of local bushland campaigns aiming to protect urban bushland.  Where are those campaigns now?  There have been some wins, some losses and some still unresolved. What have we won? North Scarborough Dunes under threat – posted January 2019 March 2019 update: the developer has withdrawn […]

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Campaign to save Anstey-Keane continues

In Perth’s south-eastern suburb of Forrestdale is a rare and fragile nature reserve known as Anstey-Keane Dampland.  It is a 311 hectare oasis of heathland, dampland and banksia woodland surrounded by ever-encroaching housing and industrial development. Anstey-Keane is part of the Jandakot Regional Park. Its diverse habitats support a rich and unique variety of plant […]

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No new WA Regional Forest Agreement

The WA Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) signed 20 years ago by Prime Minister John Howard and Premier Richard Court exempted the WA logging industry from Federal environmental laws.  The RFA expires in May 2019. It has been a disaster. As a result, our forests and wildlife, our climate and water catchments, regional communities and sustainable […]

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Lemnos Street Bushland

LOST: The battle to save Lemnos Bushland

The clearing of Lemnos Bushland commenced in early February! The understory has been ripped clean. It is heartbreaking. And utterly despicable. LandCorp has let us down!. They have stopped at nothing to develop Lemnos St Bushland. They have destroyed over half of the remaining linkage between Underwood Ave and Shenton Park Bushlands. And what’s worse? […]

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Blooming Biodiversity

Come to Albany this Spring for ‘Blooming Biodiversity’ the 2019 ANPSA National Wildflower Conference, hosted by the Wildflower Society of Western Australia. The ‘Blooming Biodiversity’ conference starts on Sunday 29 September with a program including presentations, half day tours and conference excursions. Greg Keighery will be the keynote speaker and Professor Stephen Hopper will give […]

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Environment House

Meet Environment House

“Have you been to Environment House in Bayswater? This place is a hive of activity for the environmentally minded person or for anyone wanting to find out how to be one. Their EcoShop has been showcasing products to make sustainable living simple and easy for nearly 20 years. As a result they are at the […]

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Beach not bitumen

North Scarborough Dunes under threat

Welcome to 2019 and thank you to all those who have shown your support for our urban bushland and for UBC. Last month we reminded people: Protecting the environment is an ongoing challenge!  You can see from our articles and campaigns that many precious sites have a long history of being under threat and that success […]

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