Bushland treasures close to Perth

Today we feature two bushland treasures in long-established suburbs very close to the Perth CBD.  One is in Inglewood and the other is in Bayswater.

Inglewood Triangle

Just 5 km north-east of Perth you will find Inglewood Triangle.  Although only 1.7 ha in size and surrounded on all sides by suburbia, here you will find almost 90 species of native plants.

This bushland treasure is an example of an intact Banksia Woodland community, situated on the Bassendean landform. It provides a window into the past showing the natural bushland that was once widespread.

We think it is sufficiently intact to be regarded as part of the endangered threatened ecological community – Banksia Woodlands on the Swan Coastal Plain.

You will now find a myriad of late Spring flowering plants.  They include pink Pixie Mops (Petrophile linearis), white Dasypogon bromeliifolius, blue Dampiera (Dampiera linearis), green and white of the flowering Grass trees (Xanthorrhoea preisii) and many more.

The Friends of Inglewood Triangle care for this bushland and welcome new volunteers.  You can download their field guide to the plants of Inglewood Triangle.

Get to know more about this bushland and the Friends group via their Facebook page or website.

Baigup Wetlands

bushland treasuresVisit Baigup Wetlands now to enjoy the large number of bird species currently breeding there.

Baigup Wetlands is part of Bush Forever site 313 which includes both sides of the River from the east end of Maylands Peninsula to Garratt Road Bridge.  It is a Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh Threatened Ecological Community and is also a nationally important Wetland.

There have been at least 50 species visiting Baigup in recent weeks.  Our regular visitors have even sighted the Ospreys on the Ascot tower on their nest at the middle level of the tower.  You can get a good view of them from the Garrett Road end of Baigup. If you want more information about our waterbirds, check out our guide here.

You can also see the thriving Juncus kraussii stands interspersed in places with prolifically flowering  Melaleuca rhaphiophylla in the 1 km strip of threatened ecological community along the river banks.

The Baigup Wetland Interest Group looks after this place.  They have led massive restoration efforts over the last few years. The Maylands end is now in much better shape than previously with a lot more vegetation diversity.

Get to know more about this bushland treasure and its Friends group via their Facebook page or website.

Be a Voice for the Bush

Enjoy our bushland treasures. Take an interest in protecting our very fragile and precious natural environment.  Join one of our member groups, attend one of their walks or become a supporter of the Urban Bushland Council.

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